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Social Watch
Social Watch - An international citizens’ coalition monitoring implementation of the world governments' commitments to eradicate poverty and achieve gender equity
Weed - terre des hommes Cooperation Project on EU North-South Policy
Weed - terre des hommes Cooperation Project on EU North-South Policy
Seattle to Brussels (S2B) Network
Seattle to Brussels (S2B) Network - a pan-European NGO network
campaigning to promote a sustainable, democratic and accountable system of
trade that benefits all
EPAwatch is meant as an instrument to monitor the trade negotiations between the EU and the ACP countries with the aim of establishing Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).
SNV Netherlands
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation supports organisations in the South that are committed to fighting poverty and improving local governance. SNV provides them with the technical and organisational expertise, and supports them in their change processes. SNV is publisher of the European Union Online Reference Guide.
Nice Treaty - The Reader Friendly Edition
Nice Treaty - The Reader Friendly Edition - Until now it has been impossible to read the Nice Treaty because the Treaty only consists of a lot of detached amendments to the existing treaties. A new book, the first published by the now makes it possible to read the amendments together with the existing treaties so it is possible to judge the proposed amendments.